Fireware has been specialized in creating a Realistic Training Environment of all shapes and sizes for more than 11 years. Working alongside with you, together we can transform your current situation into a customized training facility.

About FireWare

FireWare was founded by Sef Hendrickx and Jacqueline van Zanen on 28th July 2003. Sef was studying theatre technology at the time and, whilst attending an emergency response training session with a crackle box, wondered why some of the special effects from the theatre and film industry weren’t being used for training the emergency response teams. This question became the subject of his thesis research, which subsequently resulted in the idea for founding FireWare.

The effects and techniques from the theatre world, after a few minor adjustments, appeared to be very effectively usable in the training environment for emergency response teams: the research conducted showed there was even a significant improvement.

Nowadays FireWare is a company that creates realistic training environments.

Akin to FireWare’s mission of enable emergency response teams all over the world to train as realistically as possible. Tecsen Technologies is joining force with FireWare to help emergency response team members in ASEAN region, especially Malaysia, to become and stay professionally skilled.